Nintendo Direct 3DS event this Thursday

Live web stream to provide updates of upcoming and future software

Nintendo has announced plans to broadcast a Nintendo Direct 3DS event tomorrow.


Providing updates on 3DS games "coming soon as well as in the future", it will be streamed on the Nintendo Direct website from 2pm GMT on February 14.

The platform holder's most recent Nintendo Direct press conference was jam-packed with exciting Wii U news including plans to show off a new 3D Mario title and Mario Kart Wii U for the first time at E3 in June.

While 3DS hardware sales continue to track ahead of those of its predecessor at a similar point in its lifetime, Nintendo said last month that the almost two-year-old platform is struggling to achieve the desired impact outside of its home nation of Japan, largely due to a lack of hit games.

President Satoru Iwata went on to outline the firm's intention to boost the range of first and third-party software available for the system in a bid to combat the lack of penetration in western markets and transform 3DS from a "device just to play the Mario series [on]".

While the executive felt that many western third-party studios are focused on making games for home consoles, he said "Japanese software developers are eagerly assigning their top teams to develop key titles for Nintendo 3DS. We therefore plan to more actively support the Japanese software developers in distributing their key titles overseas this year. We are also willing to flexibly assist third-party developers in distributing their valuable games overseas."