Mastermind thieves 19 games by shoving them down his trousers


Of course! We've been thinking for years about the most elaborate Ocean's Eleven style schemes to thieve video games, but it never dawned on us that the most ingenious solution was literally right under our noses.

Shove them in your pants!

That was the 'eureka moment' that William Gooden, 34, of in North St Louis County, experienced in January while he was walking through a local Kmart.

And of course, the masterstroke worked perfectly as Gooden:

  • Gently slid 19 individual game boxes into his trousers without looking suspicious or taking up too much time
  • Headed for the exit inconspicuously with19 games boxes fitting snugly around his groin
  • Made no obvious noise of game boxes jumbling together as he walked past security

Well done Gooden, who managed to steal $520 worth of goods without alerting anyone. Yep, NO ONE NOTICED.