EA exec on Medal of Honor: 'We should have done better'

Hilleman says developer Danger Close needs more key production talent

One of the longest serving executives within EA has criticised the quality and design approach in building shooter Medal of Honor: Warfighter.


Rich Hilleman, who stands as the chief creative director at Electronic Arts, expressed his personal view that there is no problem with what Medal of Honor weas trying to achieve.

"We don't think its a genre problem," Hilleman told Rock, Paper Shotgun.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter was billed as a realistic alternative to the 'Hollywood shooter' series Modern Warfare, but the game failed to impress critics (its Metacritic score is 53, though CVG's review team said there were some positives).

"It was an execution problem," Hilleman said. "We don't think Medal of Honor's performance speaks to any particular bias in that space against modern settings, World War II, or any of that. It's much more that we had some things we should've done better."

Extending the scope of his criticisms, Hilleman suggested that EA needs to hire more key staff at developer Danger Close.

"I think a key part of this is having the right amount of high-quality production talent," he said. "And we didn't have the quality of leadership we needed to make [Medal of Honor] great. We just have to get the leadership aligned."

Despite initially contesting the lukewarm response to Warfighter, EA revealed in January that it will put the Medal of Honor series on hold for a few years.