Showtime: What will Sony reveal at its PlayStation Meeting?

So close to E3 and yet so far, what cards will Sony play on Feb 20 and what will be kept hidden?

So we're now down to this. The only thing standing between you and the official reveal of the PlayStation 4 is five and a half Earth days. That's 134 hours, not that we're counting.

The PlayStation Meeting takes place at the Hammerstein in Manhattan - it can hold up to 2,800 people

Oh, actually, we are counting.

So what do we expect to see on Wednesday? Matching up our own analysis with help from industry insiders, below we've listed what's certain to be shown at Sony's NYC PlayStation Meeting, what's possible and what's outright unlikely. Take a look and let us know what you expect in the comments section below.

Remember: We're going to be displaying a PlayStation Meeting live video feed HERE (bookmarks, people!), which will include our own reactions via a live blog displayed beneath the video. We'll also have our news team at battle stations and a man on the ground in New York, offering the fastest news and finest analysis available.

Absolute Certainties


PlayStation 4 goes official
Trust us; this isn't up for debate. CVG can guarantee that the next generation home PlayStation console will be announced in New York on Wednesday. Sources that have confirmed this are numerous, increasing by the day, all connected to Sony and absolutely trusted. It's happening.


The photo-op
The recent craze of "leaked PS4 specs" articles (some of them quite formidably detailed) has already provided a general impression of the PS4's capabilities, but that all-important money-shot will remain scrupulously safeguarded until the last minute.

Although Sony will have been mortified that its official PS3 Super Slim reveal was upstaged two months prior by a factory worker's amateur photo, no such mistakes will be made this time. The corporation is holding off manufacturing the new system until after its February 20 showcase, because it knows that PlayStation 4's first close-up is what will send pictures around the world and make the biggest impact within the mass media.


New games
When you factor in the sheer number of studios that Sony owns, along with its vast empire of dev partnerships, coupled with the fact that PlayStation's July-to-December release list is a ghost town, along with Sony's transitory goal of supporting three separate consoles at once, new games are an algebraic certainty for the PlayStation Meeting.

Of course, whether the company will show new PS4, PS3 or Vita games is another matter entirely.

Perhaps uncoincidentally, the barmy Guildford legends Media Molecule recently hinted that their new project will be revealed soon. Meanwhile, a developer at Evolution Studios thinks he's been the subject of unwarranted media speculation after he cunningly tweeted "10 days" precisely ten days before the PlayStation Meeting. Paul Rustchynsky: Your studio makes world-class racing games but you're a terrible bluffer.

Meanwhile, The Last Guardian project director - Fumito Ueda - is saying on his personal website that people should "keep an eye out for new announcements"

Safe bets


PS3 and Vita paraded on stage
"PS3 is still going strong" will be the unmistakable rhetoric you'll hear from Sony during a defining press conference that will effectively switch the console's path downhill. PS3 games will be showcased, and perhaps Sony will cut the system's RRP too for that final push into the mass market.

When it comes to the Vita - a handheld that's as wonderful as it is unpopular - Sony will want to flaunt its handsome and expensive device while it has the full attention of the world's media.

A new Vita model is unlikely, but considering how poorly the brilliant system is selling then perhaps something a bit more drastic than a games montage is required. A price cut? That's fairly unlikely if you ask us: Sony is about to embark on selling PS4s at a significant loss so we don't expect Sony will want to slash its margins any further than absolutely necessary. But don't rule out some kind of Vita announcement with a bit more oomph than usual.

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