Mech love AND war in quirky, double content update for Hawken

Free-to-play shooter puckers up for Valentine's Day

Never let it be said that Hawken developers Adhesive don't have a sense of humour. The latest content update, which goes live today, features themed items to celebrate both Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year. And, for a very serious game about giant mechs battling to the death... they're pretty fanciful.


The Hawken 'Hearts on Fire' promotion is running from 12-26 February, and features four exclusive camo designs and a Chinese-firework themed booster. You can see the LESSTHAN-3 and AU-REVIOR designs in these pics here, along with the DGN-Breath booster. Bit of lipstick on your colossal, armoured, death machine? Why the hell not. You can buy all the items in the Hearts of Fire promotion from now until 26 Feb. After that, they're gone.

If you don't want to purchase these camo designs outright, you can rent them until the 19th, after which time you can ditch the frivolity and continue with decals of skulls and various things on fire. As a little love note from the developers to the Hawken community, the LESSTHAN-3 (the one with hearts) camo will be free from 12-19 February, so there's no excuses for not getting dressed to kill on Valentine's Day.