EA turned down consultancy from the man who shot Bin Laden

Publisher opted to work with SEALs in active duty

The man believed to have shot Osama Bin Laden wanted to consult on Medal of Honor: Warfighter, but was turned down by EA.


In an Esquire profile of the soldier, who is referred to as 'The Shooter' to preserve anonymity, it is revealed that his uncle approached EA in April 2012 but was told that the production was "stacked with consultants".

During development, Medal of Honor: Warfighter studio Danger Close partnered with 30 consultants. According to the report The Shooter, who was retired at the time, was turned down in favour of SEALs in active duty.

Following the release of Warfighter, it was revealed that seven of the consulting members of SEAL Team Six faced punishment for providing confidential information to EA.

During its third quarter financial call EA announced Medal of Honor has been taken "out of rotation". It said that due to the game's poor performance the publisher will not continue with the series.