Aliens: Colonial Marines review round-up

All the review scores in one place...

In our Aliens: Colonial Marines review we described the Gearbox game as "a shooting gallery that fundamentally fails to understand what makes the Alien films so great."

A few early Aliens: Colonial Marines review scores slipped out yesterday ahead of this morning's embargo, but open season has now officially begun. Various websites and magazines have published their Aliens: Colonial Marines verdicts, and as usual we've gathered up all the scores and put them in one easily digestible list. The scores are out of ten unless specified.

  • CVG - 6.2: Sure, it looks like the film on the surface, but you don't have to dig far to find a game that fails to live up to the license. Surprisingly, it's the competitive multiplayer that impresses the most.
  • OXM - 6: Colonial Marines can't trade on nostalgia alone, in other words. It needed to offer intense combat against an unstoppable force, deft storytelling that matched the cinematic flair of the films, and some new ideas that could have rejuvenated an overexposed franchise. It needed, in short, to be a better game.
  • OPM - 6: Something playable and occasionally atmospheric, but never extraordinary.
  • GamesRadar - 2.5/5: Gaming owes a lot to James Cameron's Aliens films, but despite having its DNA present in just about every science fiction game ever made, Aliens has struggled to get a proper one of its own in the past decade. Aliens: Colonial Marines continues this disappointing trend, making for an experience that's more Aliens: Resurrection than it is Aliens.
  • Edge - 5: The final result is a familiar mismanagement of a rich and potent set of ideas and images. They deserve brighter and more sensitive custodianship than this.
  • PC Gamer - 48/100: A middling shooter with a wildly inconsistent tone. Decent multiplayer is hindered by questionable longevity.
  • Eurogamer - 3: Even if it were polished to an acceptable, 2013-standard AAA shine, Colonial Marines would still only be a generic effort coasting on borrowed iconography. Weighed down by so many grindingly obvious mechanical issues, it never even gets off the ground. For a game all about exterminating bugs, it's a fatal irony.
  • GameSpot - 4.5: Colonial Marines is tone-deaf to what makes the Alien franchise what it is--and what makes the best shooters so exciting.
  • IGN - 4.5: Aliens: Colonial Marines is an uninspired and unfinished game, and not remotely worthy as a sequel to the Aliens film.
  • Destructoid - 2.5: A disaster. Any good qualities it might have had are quickly swallowed up by glitches, poor design choices or a plethora of other issues. The desperate or the gullible may find a glimmer of fun hidden somewhere in the pit.
  • VideoGamer - 3: Colonial Marines is an uninspired, cynical cash grab with Syd Mead's and James Cameron's legendary designs propping it up.
  • NowGamer - 5: Though Aliens: Colonial Marines is technically rough with graphical glitches and lacklustre combat, it's the waste of the Aliens licence and terrible additions to the canon that really rubs salt into the wounds.
  • VentureBeat - 60/100: I can see now why Sega delayed this title and instead pushed out the much more polished Aliens vs. Predator from Rebellion in 2010. In all honesty, you'd be better to go back and dust that effort off even if only for its marine campaign. Read more at
  • Polygon - 3: Aliens: Colonial Marines plays like a budget title from early in this console generation. The end result feels craven and exploitative of its source material and the fans that will hopefully know better.
  • Guardian - 4/5: It's not perfect and its visual issues hold it back from unqualified greatness, but Aliens Colonial Marines is consistently fun to play throughout. It's also the first game in ages to elicit a cry of genuine shock from yours truly the first time a face-hugger came surging towards the screen
  • Spong - 5: For something that the developer saw as a 'passion project', the effort seen in the final product is an insult to those who have waited so long. Gearbox is capable of better and it has truly dropped the ball. A real shame.
  • Metro - 4: The whole idea was probably doomed from the start but this is a disappointingly slipshod effort, with a story campaign that somehow feels more old-fashioned than the decades-old movie it's based on.
  • SixthAxis - 5: It's probably worth a run through for fans of the series who will get plenty out of the locations and fan service, but sadly, after all the anticipation, it's also best experienced as a rental.

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