Kinect mandatory on next-gen Xbox, claims report

More advanced version of sensor included out the box

The next-generation Xbox will require a Kinect sensor to be plugged in at all times to function, claims a new rumour today.


Every console will come with a Kinect - a new, more advanced version of the current Kinect - out the box and it must be plugged in for the console to work.

So reports Kotaku, citing a source who goes by the alias 'SuperDaE' - a regular source for next-generation information, who claims to have direct access to Durango development kits.

The new Kinect will apparently be capable of tracking up to six people simultaneously, and can track smaller details such as hands and fingers, facial recognition and even facial expressions.

It's inclusion with every console is likely to result in far deeper integration of Kinect across both system operation and in games themselves.

Kotaku also reports that the console will have vast multi-tasking capabilities, including the ability to run more than one game at a time. This specific claim matches with information that was recently passed to CVG.

Durango will reportedly let you 'suspend' a game, allowing you to switch to another and back again without losing your exact position in either - much like what is already possible with iPhone and iPad games.

Additionally, the report says that unlike Xbox 360, all Durango consoles will come with a 500GB internal hard drive, which will allow developers to program games with the hard drive storage in mind. It also claims full disc games will require mandatory installation upon first boot-up, but this installation can be done in the background while actually playing the game.

Our colleagues at Edge recently reported that the new Xbox will require an always-on internet connection, which will enable Microsoft to detect and block the playing of used games.