Aliens: Colonial Marines - Early review scores appear online

General press embargo set to lift tomorrow

A handful of early Aliens: Colonial Marines review scores have made their way on to the internet.


Most notable is that of UK games mag Games TM, which according to subscribers has issued the Gearbox FPS a 4/10.

For a more rounded overview of the game's critical reception, check back tomorrow morning when the general press embargo lifts. We'll update this round-up when it does.

Published scores:

  • Games TM - 4/10: "Mechanically, the game functions, but the fun of the Aliens universe is quickly drained away by what amounts to a mundane shooting gallery through a drab and lifeless world."
  • - 5/10: (Translated) "We expected a lot from this project. And unfortunately, our disappointment was all the greater."
  • ITNewsAfrica - 7.9: (Pulled)