Aliens: Colonial Marines guide: The 10 best Easter eggs and secrets

Spoilers: We reveal our favourite hidden features and references found scuttling around LV-426

While playing through the single player campaign on Aliens: Colonial Marines we found numerous nods to James Cameron's source material, along with some other more surprising secrets. These are our favourite ten, along with explanations of their significance and how to find them.



After entering the Sulaco via the umbilical link at the start of the game, you pass through the cargo bay and find yourself in a locker room. By shining your torch on the locker doors here you can identify all of the Marines from the original crew.

The names of Hudson, Vasquez, Dietrich, Hicks, Apone, Gorman, Drake, Ferro, Wierzbowski, Spunkmeyer and Frost can all be found by searching the area, with the lockers also displaying the correct military rank for each Marine.



Along with the collectible dog tags of crew members and audio logs which help fill in the back-story to the game, you can also find Legendary Weapons that correspond to key characters' guns. Not only are these weapons more powerful than the standard versions, but they have also been designed to match the appearance of their film counterparts.

There are six Legendary Weapons in total, which can be found as follows:

  • Mission 1 - Hicks' Shotgun
  • Mission 4 - Gorman's Pistol
  • Mission 5 - Hudson's Pulse Rifle
  • Mission 6 - Vasquez's Smart Gun
  • Mission 9 - Vasquez's Pistol
  • Mission 10 - Frost's Flamethrower



During mission 2 (Battle for Sulaco) you encounter facehuggers for the first time, along with plenty of alien eggs. Moving forwards you find a room where you can see a large group of eggs through a window, and just past the entrance to this room on the right is a Key Pad which doesn't seem to do anything.

Activate it then retrace your steps back down the corridor and you'll find an unmarked door has opened, revealing a hidden room full of facehugger sacs painted to look just like real Easter eggs! There's also a pile of crayons on a crate and a selection of child's drawings stuck to the wall - perhaps drawn by Newt herself.

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