Nvidia flaunts Project Shield with Real Boxing gameplay video

New Android title boasts high quality mobile graphics powered by Tegra 4 chip

Nvidia has begun publishing real-time demos of games running on its upcoming portable system, Project Shield, starting with Android title Real Boxing.


Though one of Project Shield's key features is a technology which allows it to stream content from a high-powered PC, the device can also play bespoke Android apps and games.

In the video below, Nvidia flaunts the fairly high standard of graphical fidelity that its new handheld can offer. Real Boxing will be available for various Tegra 4-powered tablet and smartphones, Nvidia added.

Project Shield is an 'open platform' system powered by a Tegra 4 processor. It also features a five-inch retina-display touchscreen, and can play full games directly from a PC (provided the host PC uses a GeForce GTX 650 card or higher).

The design of the hardware appears to be similar to the original Xbox, with its deep black case and hard edges. See for yourself in these Project Shield screens.