PS4 will be bundled with next gen PS Eye, report claims

'Dual Camera' said to support head and hand tracking as game inputs

Sony is "almost sure" to bundle a next generation PlayStation Eye device with every PlayStation 4.


That's according to a new rumour published on VGLeaks, which backs up a recent Edge report claiming that Sony is developing an improved iteration of the PS Eye peripheral that will be compatible with the Move controller.

Referred to as 'Dual Camera', the device is said to contain a pair of wide-angle cameras, each offering a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, while sound is processed by a four microphone array working at 48 Khz,

The site claims the device supports head and hand tracking as new game inputs, adding that it's unclear if it'll support body tracking in the future.

On the non-gaming side of things, the Dual Camera is said to be capable of supporting video chat, and recognising and signing users into PS4.

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Sony is expected to reveal PlayStation 4 at an event taking place in New York on February 20.

The next generation console will launch in Japan and the US by the end of 2013 but will not be released in Europe until "early 2014", Edge recently reported.