R18+ rating for God of War: Ascension

Game blocked from sale in Queensland

God of War: Ascension has been rated R18+ in Australia, and will not be sold in Queensland, according to a report.


According to an internal retailer memo leaked to Kotaku, God of War: Ascension cannot be sold in Queensland. This means pre-orders will not be granted, and all promotional materials are required to be removed immediately.

When Australia introduced its R18+ rating on January 1, Queensland was the only state not to pass the legislation. The Queensland state government is expected to pass the legislation in February, but until then it is illegal for the state's retailers to stock the game.

The memo reads: "As Queensland has not passed legislation for the R18 rating for games we must remove all reference to God of War Ascension immediately, this includes all game slicks, posters, pamphlets, hand written signage, 2-way units and pre order signage."

God of War: Ascension will release in Australia on March 14 for PS3.