Ubisoft: Next PlayStation and Xbox will 'bring fantastic innovation'

Plus, publisher assures that next-gen development costs won't immediately soar

The chief executive at Ubisoft has said that the next cycle of Microsoft and Sony consoles will "bring innovation that will be fantastic for the industry".


Yves Guillemot told investors on Thursday that the next generation systems "have fantastic potential" - though added that is was duty-bound to not disclose specific details.

New systems traditionally cultivate original IP during their first two years of release, which may be the source of Guillemot's claim, though there is speculation that the next PlayStation will adopt new ideas such as biometric readings.

Sony is expected to announce its next generation home console at a press conference in New York on February 20, weeks before Microsoft reveals its Xbox successor.

Guillemot, who said Ubisoft has managed to hit the upper-end of its sales targets, assured that next generation development costs will not be significantly more expensive.

"What we've said is that, for the first two years of those machines, the costs will not increase because we can use a lot of the engines that we've already created," he said.