Far Cry 3 sells 4.5m units

Ubisoft exec suggest sequel has already been commissioned

Ubisoft's flagship shooter series Far Cry 3 has sold about 4.5 million units into retail, the publisher has claimed.


Yves Guillemot, the chief executive at Ubisoft, told investors on Thursday that the game's sales performance was "way ahead of expectations". He claimed that the game's sell-through value was twice that of Far Cry 2 achieved in half the time.

Meanwhile, the four-year gap between the release of Far Cry 3 and its predecessor will not be repeated, Guillemot assured.

He said players "will certainly not be waiting so long for the next Far Cry game", effectively confirming plans to develop a sequel.

On top of the 4.5 million sales, Ubisoft said it expect Far Cry to produce further business in the months ahead.