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Aliens: Colonial Marines - extended CGI trailer spits acid

"All right, sweethearts, what are you waiting for?" This new CGI trailer will give it you

It's just under a week to go now until Aliens: Colonial Marines lock 'n loads for release and publisher Sega has just released a brand new extended CGI trailer to tease and tantalise you in the days leading up to its debut.

Opening with a classic between-decks tracking shot, this new extended CGI trailer follows a single splash of acidic alien blood as it seeps through the decks of the USS Sulaco, revealing some of the dramatic events unfolding inside.

Follow it down and you'll find all the classic ingredients of Aliens are in evidence, from a row of hyper sleep freezer terminals, to dozens of marines snatching up their weapons as they gear up to face the xenomorph terror.

As the acid drips further down, the action gets ever more intense, with the steady blip blip of the motion tracker giving way to desperate battles as alien warriors burst through the ceiling to confront marines in a research lab.

Down below decks, there's a further storm brewing as the marines get to fight up close and personal, flamethrower an egg chamber, fend off facehuggers and finally stand shoulder to shoulder to fight the armoured menace of the alien queen, with predictably explosive results.

In other news, the first 'Bug Hunt' DLC from Aliens: Colonial Marines has also apparently been revealed with a cracking horde mode set to be released on March 19.

Other expansions for Aliens: Colonial Marines fans may well also include a season pass and further DLC packs, which means there'll be plenty for fans to ...ahem get their teeth into before this summer.

Fans who pre-order Aliens: Colonial Marines will also able to play as classic movie characters Hicks, Hudson, Drake and Apone in multiplayer as well as wielding Ripley's iconic flamethrower. Adiós, muchachos.