Next Xbox to feature 'greatly improved speech recognition', claims report

Plus former exec predicts 'Windows 8-like' interface

Microsoft's next-gen Xbox will carry a big focus on "greatly improved" speech recognition, according to the latest insider report from The Verge.


Following on the heels of yesterday's huge Edge report, it's now claimed that the next Xbox will support wake on voice, natural language controls, and speech-to-text.

Citing sources familiar with Microsoft's plans, The Verge claims that the improved capabilities mean Xbox users will be able to walk into a room and simply say "Xbox on" to wake up the new console.

It's also suggested Microsoft is investigating scenarios where a Kinect sensor will detect individuals in a room and suggest appropriate multiplayer games after a user queries the Xbox using voice.

Similar to Apple's Siri service, users will be able to ask questions such as, "what are my friends playing" to receive a friends list, it's claimed.

Just last month a CVG report stated that Microsoft is to integrate Skype into the next Xbox, with asynchronous voice and video chat possible.

In another next-gen Xbox report published today, former VP of Windows Sales Joachim Kempin told IGN that he strongly believes the new console will feature an interface reminiscent of Windows 8, possibly to the extent that a touch screen will also make an appearance.

He said: "I think the other thing they will try, there's no doubt about it, is it's going to be more Windows 8-like; maybe it even gets a touchscreen, who knows?

"Most of what's in there today really is Windows, right? I wouldn't be surprised if the next round of interface comes even closer to Windows 8 than it is today."