PlayStation 4 price expected to land 'above $400'

Japanese newspaper claims new console will be competitively priced


The next generation PlayStation will go on sale for around $400, a Japanese news source has reported.

Local paper Asahi Shimbun has claimed that Sony has internally set the PS4 price above 40,000 - a figure that would represent about $430 at current exchange rates.

However, there are no official figures to validate the newspaper's claim. The rumoured $399 price point is not too far off the Wii U's current $349 RRP. Yet considering the impression from the most recent PS4 specs, a $400 price point would likely mean the console would be sold at a loss.

Sony frequently adopts multiple SKU strategies for new hardware releases. The PlayStation 3 launched in US with two different SKUs, one at $499 and the other at $599.

Sony's next-gen console will also utilise the Gaikai cloud technology Sony purchased last year, Asahi Shimbun claims.

The same report claims that Sony will abandon its bespoke Cell chip, as previously suggested.
Industry consensus is that Sony will reveal the PlayStation 4 on February 20 at a special PlayStation Meeting in New York.