Bungie teases Destiny reveal 'within a matter of weeks'

Former Halo developer says 'you'll get to explore our new universe very soon'

In a new video released today, Bungie has teased the 'unveiling' of its new universe 'Destiny' "within a matter of weeks".


While the video leaves out specifics, it's likely to be referring to Bungie's presentation planned for GDC in March.

The developer is expected to reveal new details about its much-anticipated new game during a presentation at the 2013 Game Developers Conference next month.

The talks, titled 'Brave New World', will be hosted by Bungie writer and design director Joe Staten and art director Christopher Barrett, who'll discuss the art of building a new game world using Destiny to demonstrate how it put its talents to use, and offering a "glimpse of the brave new world that has been built".

Although Bungie is yet to give Destiny an official reveal, the first images and plot details of the secret project were revealed via leaked marketing documentation late last year.

The video below is the second episode in a series of 'Bungie Community Theatre' videos, hosted by a character called 'DeeJ' who has a pet tiger that calls him a tosser.

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