THQ's top executives let go

Employment of CEO, president and strategy officer terminated

Leading executives from bankrupt publisher THQ have officially been let go.


The company said in a brief filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission:

"THQ Inc. terminated the employment of Brian J. Farrell as Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Jason Rubin as President of the Company, and Jason Kay as Chief Strategy Officer of the Company, each without cause and effective January 30, 2013."

Rubin, who is now exploring new career opportunities, said last week that THQ guaranteed its own failure because of "a sea of bad decisions".

THQ's assets were sold off to a number of parties in an auction held late last month.

The final results of the auction were outlined in a letter from chief executive Brian Farrell, including Sega's purchase of Relic, Koch Media's purchase of Volition and Metro and Ubisoft's agreement to obtain the Montreal studio and South Park publishing rights.

Crysis studio Crytek agreed to purchase the Homefront IP and Take 2 agreed to purchase Evolve - Turtle Rock's new games project.