New Lego City Undercover trailer

GamePad plays home to a map and acts as a direct link to police dispatch

Nintendo has released a new Lego City Undercover trailer.


The Wii U exclusive sees players taking on the role of cop protagonist Chase McCain and going undercover in an attempt to take down Rex Fury, who is responsible for a recent crime wave in Lego City.

Among other things, the latest movie shows off some of the open world title's GamePad functionality, with the tablet playing home to an interactive map and serving as a direct link to police dispatch, allowing players to receive mission updates and other important information.

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We recently went hands-on with the title, which we described as more Just Cause than GTA in this Lego City Undercover preview.

Last week Nintendo revealed a Lego City Undercover limited edition, while confirming a Lego City Undercover release date of March 18 in North America and March 28 in Europe.