Metacritic: EA ranked number one publisher in 2012

Site ranks publishers according to critical reception

EA released more critically acclaimed titles in 2012 than other major publishers, according to statistics compiled by Metacritic.


EA scored an 'average metascore' of 75.2. The methodology accounts for the average metascore for all games a publisher released in 2012, the per cent of scored products with good and bad reviews, and the number of outstanding reviews that scored more than 90.

Microsoft ranked second with a metascore of 73.0, while among the major publishers, Namco Bandai performed the worst with 62.5.

Among 'mid-size' publishers, Take-Two Interactive (2k and Rockstar Games) scored highest with 83.1, while 505 Games came in last at 53.3.

Metacritic reported last month that 2012 saw the lowest total number of great games since the review aggregator started its year-end reports in 2009.