Super Meat Boy Mobile development put on hold

New game 'Mew-Genics' now Team Meat's "full time project"

Development on the new Super Meat Boy game for iOS devices has been 'officially' put on hold to make way for Team Meat's new project, Mew-Genics.


Team Meat co-founder Edmund McMillen said that the studio has "decided to officially pause work on the next Super Meat Boy and remake Mew-Genics outside of flash, making it our new full time project".

McMillen clarified to Joystiq that the 'new Super Meat Boy' in question was the iOS entry which, he went on to reiterate, is not a port but a "completely new Super Meat Boy game".

"It's on hold 'til Mew-Genics is done," he said.

The developer is yet to fully unveil Mew-Genics, but McMillen has described it as the "strangest game [he has] ever worked on," and revealed that "the game will be randomly generated, strange and involve cats."

In a recent update, McMillen said, "We are currently about 18 weeks into development, we have a ways to go due to the games features, items, cats, characters, missions, etc. ballooning bigger and bigger as the days pass by, but we are both quite happy with this little monster and think you guys will really dig what we have planned."