Retro Vault: Street Fighter II, NES, Streets Of Rage

Your weekly trip into the gaming archives begins

Retro Vault is a new weekly feature in which we dive into gaming's past and share five classic nuggets of retro nostalgia. TV ads, game artwork, old articles from the CVG archives - you'll find them all here in the coming weeks.


August 1987: First ever UK Nintendo Entertainment System ad

It makes sense to kick off the Vault with something momentous, so here's the advert announcing the arrival of the NES in the UK. Printed in CVG issue 70 in August 1987, this is the first known instance of Nintendo advertising the system in Britain.

Much like the Wii U, the NES was originally released in two different sets. "NINTENDO's superb high-quality action costs £99.00 for control deck, mains transformer, two hand controls and one free Super Mario Bros. game pak", explains the ad, while "DELUX NINTENDO costs £159.99 for the amazing Zapper Gun, R.O.B. and two free games, Gyromite and Duck Hunt". Of course, time would show the cheaper option was actually the best by far.

A harsh tut has to go to Nintendo for its slightly over-the-top sales pitch, however. "Nintendo's superb graphics give the games a convincing true 3D feel with actual shadows which add depth to the characters," it boasts.

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