Capcom slashes Devil May Cry sales forecast

Ninja Theory project now expected to sell 1.2m copies by April - down from the initial 2m target

Capcom has almost halved global sale projections for the latest Devil May Cry game, after shipping one million copies into retail for release.


Capcom previously said it expected the DMC reboot to reach two million sales by the end of March. Yet despite the game's positive critical response (CVG's DMC Review scored the game a 9), along with a relatively uncompetitive landscape, the title appears to have fallen short of Capcom's expectations.

The Japanese publisher has begun to establish a reputation for over-expecting on the commercial performance of its key games. The publisher initially expected Resident Evil 6 would sell 7 million units by April, though it has only sold 4.8 million units with three months remaining.

DMC Devil May Cry debuted in the UK Charts at the coveted number one spot, though it only held that position for a single week.