Koch Media CEO: 'no doubt' that Metro and new Saints Row will launch in 2013

Also expresses little desire to 'be the next THQ'

Koch Media - the company that acquired the Metro and Saints Row properties following THQ's collapse - has confirmed that both IPs will spawn new games in 2013.


Koch Media CEO Klemens Kundratitz has said in an interview that he has "no doubt" that both Metro: Last Light and a new Saints Row game will launch in 2013.

Nonetheless, Kundratitz does not want to follow in the footsteps of THQ. Speaking to, he said Koch Media envisions a less ambitious future for its game publishing label Deep Silver.

"It's important that you understand who you are and what you're capable of doing," he said. "Other publishers are very ambitious, but they aspire to grow their businesses in ways that aren't healthy.

"That's the problem of publicly listed companies, which go from quarter to quarter and are pushed into this ambitious way of running their businesses. Unfortunately that doesn't always pay off."

It didn't pay off for THQ, and Kundratitz believes a lack of AAA success and "the influence of Apple" were key factors.

During the interview, Kundratitz also shrugged off concerns regarding Dead Island's controversial marketing strategies. "Well, you can't get every bet right. Sometimes you just have to admit to yourself and your community that it wasn't appropriate," he said.