Xbox 360 life-to-date sales hit 75.9 million

Xbox Live members pass the 40 million mark

Microsoft has sold a total of around 75.9 million Xbox 360 consoles globally.


That's according to the latest figures released by the platform holder in a summary of its FY13 Q2 earnings results.

It also claims in excess of 40 million Xbox Live users, although it doesn't break down how many of these are free Silver users and paying Gold subscribers.

According to a recent report, PS3 shipments hit 77 million units in December 2012 versus Xbox 360's 76 million. But those figures related to console units shipped to retail and not those purchased by consumers; actual PS3 sales reached 70 million units in November 2012, according to Sony, roughly one month after Microsoft reported the same Xbox 360 sales total.

According to recent data supplied to CVG by GFK Chart-Track, lifetime Xbox 360 sales look certain to overtake those of current-gen leader Nintendo Wii in the UK, having outsold its rival by more than 4:1 in 2012, and tailing by just 200,000 sales by the end of December.