GameStick Kickstarter ends at $647,658

Android-based micro-console smashes original $100,000 target

The Kickstarter fund for Android-based Micro-cosnole GameStick has come to close at more than half a million dollars over its original target of $100,000.


The fund raiser closed at $647,658 with 5,691 backers - smashing the original target and clearing all pre-defined stretch goals.

Measured the same size as a standard USB stick, the GameStick console is designed for portability and can be carried within its rectangular controller's housing. The console itself is of a similar spec to various smartphones, and attaches to a TV's HDMI slot whilst connecting with controllers via Bluetooth.

Its creator PlayJam says it's "blown away" by the response of backers. "What an incredible journey, but this is just the beginning", reads the Kickstarter page.

With all stretch goals met, the console will launch in four colours; black, white, red and one additional colour to be determined by a fan vote on its official Facebook page.

PlayJam is targeting an April release for the compact console.