The Cave: Our complete video walkthrough

For those about to rock, we solution you!

Anyone that's experienced a journey into the heart of a sentient rock formation will tell you it can be a harrowing experience. That's why we've come up with this video walkthrough of Ron Gilbert's The Cave, in which will cater (crater?) for all your speleological needs.


From the off, The Cave gives you a choice of seven characters - Knight, Hillbilly, Time Traveller, Adventurer, Scientist, Twins and Monk. As you descend you'll encounter unique quests for each character, which can only be accessed with their special abilities. We've separated each of these challenges into single videos.

There are also grottos that you'll have to spelunk irrespective of which characters you choose - the mine, the zoo and the island - and because we're lovely, we've included videos for these too.

Good luck!

The Knight's Castle

If you chose the Knight, his damsel-impressing, dragon-avoiding quest will start immediately after you exit the gift shop. Here's the video walkthrough:

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The Hillbilly's Carnival

The Hillbilly's Carnival is next, and you can access a new area using the slack-jawed simpleton's inexplicable ability to breath infinitely underwater. Check out the video below.

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The Mine

The obligatory minecart puzzle comes after the castle and carnival, and you'll always have to solve it. Here's a how-to video:

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The Adventurer's Pyramid

If you've chosen the adventurer it's now time to go sarcophagus hunting in the pyramid. Here's a video showing you how to best despoil those ruins.

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The Twins' Mansion

Tim Burton fans rejoice: up next is the solution to the Twins' magnificently creepy Victorian mansion. Feel free to add your own Danny Elfman soundtrack.

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The Time Traveller's Museum

If you've chosen the Time Traveller, the next puzzle you'll face is the museum - a typically dark tale of millennium-spanning revenge. Here's the video walkthrough.

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The Zoo

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The next challenge that all characters must solve is the Zoo, and we've got the solution here. How can animals survive in a dank subterranean environment like this? Ask the talking cave.

The Scientist's Silo

It's all lasers, lab coats and weapons-grade uranium next, as we guide you through the Scientist's silo.

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The Monk's Temple

The path to enlightenment is littered with the shattered kneecaps of your enemies, apparently. Focus your chi on this walkthrough of the Monk's temple.

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The Island

The Island is the final section you face that all characters must complete. Here's our guide avoid going all Tom Hanks-talking-to-a-ball-crazy while shipwrecked....

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