Report: PlayStation 4 will release in 2013

Wall Street Journal cites 'people familiar with the matter'

Sony will unveil their next-gen console at the February 20 PlayStation Meeting, with a retail release expected later in 2013, according to a new source.


The Wall Street Journal reports that people "familiar with the matter" have confirmed the event - which was revealed earlier today - will indeed be an unveiling of the PlayStation 4. The report also points to a 2013 retail release for the console, and suggests it will compete with the next Xbox upon launch.

Elsewhere, "social gaming aspects" will be a major focus for the new system, according to the same sources. Instead of hardware improvements being the sole focus, user experience will play a major part in this generation leap.

The report follows a post and video on the official PlayStation blog inviting fans to "see the future" at an event set for February 20 at 6pm EST. CVG sources have previously indicated a February reveal for the console.