Sony teases next-gen reveal: 'See the future' on February 20

PlayStation Meeting set for New York City; Teaser video released

Sony Computer Entertainment looks set to officially unveil its next-generation console plans in just a few weeks time.


A post and video on the PlayStation firm's official blog invites fans to "see the future" at an event set for February 20 at 6pm EST. Sony has also launched a countdown website with the tagline "be the first to know".

CVG understands invites have been sent to media and investors for a 'PlayStation Meeting' in New York City on the same date.

A first unveiling of PlayStation 4 - or 'Orbis' - would fit with CVG sources' indications this month that Sony would unveil its new console "in weeks", well ahead of June's E3 fanfare.

[UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal reports that people "familiar with the matter" have confirmed the event will indeed be an unveiling of the PlayStation 4.]

In January 2011, Sony held a similar PlayStation Meeting event in Japan to officially announce the PS Vita, before revealing fuller details at E3 several months later.

CVG has been informed by development sources that the next Xbox will also be announced in some form before E3, but further leaks of information are not likely.

Close Close

'Orbis' has been the subject of an increasing number of high profile 'leaks' in recent weeks, including more than one alleged system specifications dossier.

In January senior games studio sources told CVG the next PlayStation will utilise a brand new controller, and that versions featuring a biometric sensor and LCD touch screen have been tested.

According to a recent Kotaku report, PS4 will support "multi-user simultaneous logins", allowing multiple users to be signed into accounts simultaneously on a single console.

Other mooted features include a rebranded PlayStation Home-style social network and a prevention measure against pre-owned games.

Sony has publicly suggested that the next PlayStation will not go on sale before Microsoft's Xbox 360 successor, although one senior CVG source called the suggestion "ridiculous" considering the ground Microsoft gained by launching the 360 a year before PlayStation 3.