FIFA 13 sells 12 million, beats FIFA 12 by 23 per cent

$100 million digital net revenue represents 98 per cent increase over last year

FIFA 13 sold more than 12 million copies during EA's third quarter of fiscal 2013, the publisher has announced.


EA notes that this represents a 23 per cent increase versus FIFA 12 sales in the same period (October 1 - December 31) last year.

Having launched on September 25 in US and Sept. 28 in UK, that figure won't include much of the 4.5 million copies reportedly sold in its first five days on sale - it sold 1.23 million copies within its first 48 hours of shelf time in UK alone.

FIFA 13 digital net revenue topped $100 million in the quarter, said EA, which accounts for a 98 per cent increase over FIFA 12 in the prior year.

Total FIFA digital net revenue generated over $230 million in the first three quarters of fiscal 13, which includes FIFA Online 2 and FIFA World Class Soccer that together contributed over $60 million.