Sleeping Dogs DLC: 'Year of the Snake' seemingly outed

Teaser trailer appears online along with PS3 Trophy list

Square Enix looks set to announce new Sleeping Dogs DLC called Year of the Snake.


What appears to be a teaser trailer for the unannounced content has emerged online, along with a list of PS3 Trophies including Bomb Squad, Cult Master and Hong Kong's Finest. We've asked Square Enix for comment.

"Rough around the edges, but an enjoyable sandbox backed up by a great story and brutal combat," we said in our 8.4 Sleeping Dogs review last year.

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If you haven't played the game yet but subscribe to PlayStation Plus, you'll be able to download it free of charge for one month beginning on February 6.

Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games is currently recruiting for a "next gen console title".