Ubisoft project Osiris 'was cancelled before leak'

Video composer posts trailer concept

Ubisoft has confirmed that its secret Osiris project had been cancelled prior to details of the game leaking online.


Following the emergence of a rough-cut demo video for the title, a Ubisoft representative has told Polygon that "the content in question was from a Ubisoft project that is no longer moving forward".

The video was posted on composer Mark Kilian's blog, which specifies that the work was commissioned by Ubisoft Studios Montreal. It depicts various concept art intercut with footage of a motion capture session, set to the soundtrack composed by Kilian.

The trailer depicts a hero surrounded by angry mobs retrieving an injured figure. The hero is apparently capable of conjuring insect swarms. In the motion capture footage, it appears that an earthquake is in progress. Osiris appears to have an ancient Egypt setting, as the name Osiris - an Egyptian god - would suggest.

The video was first posted on NeoGAF, following news that the Prince of Persia franchise is "on pause". It's possible that screenshots leaked last year, and widely believed to be from a forthcoming Prince of Persia reboot, may in fact be for Osiris.

A few stills from the video:


Additional reporting: Rob Crossley