Crysis 3 beta starts today - tutorial video released

Crytek breaks down modes and weapons in new footage

The Crysis 3 multiplayer beta kicks off today on consoles and PC, and Crytek has released a gameplay tutorial video offering an overview of the trial's two modes.


The video features Crysis 3 producer Mike Read breaking down the dynamics of Hunter and Crash Site and also offering some insight into the strengths of certain weapons.

The Crysis 3 beta will be available on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. It also includes the New York Feed, "a new in-game social feed that will showcase the accomplishments of gamers and their friends while offering dynamic challenges to complete".

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EA has confirmed a Crysis 3 release date of February 19 in the US and February 22 in Europe. We recently went hands-on with the multiplayer beta and you can read our impressions in this Crysis 3 beta preview.