Sony 'Game Day 2013' trailer teases Friday reveal

Check back on February 1 for more

Sony has released a new PlayStation teaser trailer titled Game Day 2013.


The short live action movie features a woman dressed in white walking up a hillside as a storm of ash begins to fill the environment, and concludes with a close-up of an eye opening.

If we had to guess, we'd say it looks God of War: Ascension flavoured. A reveal is planned for this Friday, February 1.

Close Close

Earlier this week it emerged that Sony is facing a £250,000 penalty for what the Information Commissioner's Office deemed to be a security failure during the PlayStation Network hack that affected some 77 million accounts in April 2011.

The ICO said the attack was preventable, and that there was "no disguising that Sony is a business that should have known better". Sony has the right to appeal the decision, and the corporation has said it intends to reverse the ruling.