Mass Effect 3 DLC 'teaser' screenshots released

Two shots offer first peek at new content

BioWare has released two new Mass Effect 3 "teaser" screenshots, thought to be a glimpse at upcoming download content.


One shows a gathering outside a futuristic casino, the other seemingly an ominous foe with a large hammer weapon.

The screens came from the Twitter feeds of exec producer Casey Hudson and Producer Michael Gamble, who said: "Enjoy your teasers." No further details were offered.


BioWare confirmed last month that it was hard at work on new Mass Effect 3 DLC, designer Jos Hendriks saying, "It's all hands on deck for this one."

Based on the apparent scale of the production and the returning talent, the DLC is expected to be single player focused, and it's rumoured to involve the Citadel, the deep-space station which serves as the capital of the Citadel Council.