Dallas Police Department accidentally tweets a high score

The US police force's mission is To Protect And Serve, but if this recent tweet by the Dallas Police Department is anything to go by they should probably add "And Be Rubbish At Fruit Ninja" to the end of that motto.

In between its regular tweets informing Dallas citizens of the latest incidents and announcements coming from the Dallas Police Department, an odd tweet appeared in which the Department boasted of its high score of 38 in Fruit Ninja - a frankly atrocious score.

The tweet was quickly deleted, but not before being caught and retweeted by this helpful Tweeter (thanks to Buzzfeed for spotting it):

We can only imagine the confusion and anger arising among the residents of Dallas as it emerged that maybe, just maybe, their beloved protectors of justice were too busy making ham-fisted attempts at slicing watermelons to catch crooks.

Ressuringly, a sheepish Dallas Police Department resurfaced on Twitter after a short while and posted another tweet explaining exactly what had happened:

Sleep well, citizens of Dallas - your streets remain safe... as long as the cops there aren't suddenly issued with police regulation katana blades.