Comments of the Week: 'For that money I'd want a lobotomy'

The most intelligent and least serious of your weekly insights


Resident Evil Revelations: £293 Japanese limited edition features Jill's watch
"For that money I'd want a lobotomy so I thought I'd gotten a decent deal." - FishyGinger
Presumably you wouldn't be able to tell the time after it either, though

2K Sports poised to announce WWE deal
"Needs a new 'hair engine' as well. Swear the WWE games have had the same models since the 90's. Long hair looks like uncooked spaghetti strapped to a mop head." - DAEDALUS79
Wrestling gimmicks are just getting sillier, it seems

Ni No Kuni review
"Like a few others have said, I'm not really into JRPG's but this is the first game I've ordered in ages. I'm ready to lose hours on it and get myself back into the long gaming sessions. There's bugger all on telly worth watching anyway." - El Mag
Come on mate, that's silly, there are repeats of Heartbeat on ITV3

Two system updates to remedy Wii U game loading lag
"About flipping time. There are only so many times a man can listen to the loading music of NSMBU and look at the static image before the madness sets in. Next thing you know, you're down one sibling and half a semi-detached." - Balladeer
Hopefully it's not the half with the toilet in it, otherwise the madness will only continue

US politician calls violent game devs 'electronic child molesters'
"When I was growing up we had good honest wholesome entertainment. Stuff like Tom and Jerry, Daffy Duck, Roadrunner, Magic Roundabout and Captain Pugwash. No violence, drugs or sexual innuendo in that list!" - Padua
What are you talking about, there was plenty of... oh. OHHHHHH

Hilda, 85, is a heart-warming sign that games are on the right track
"Sure, sure, she may be a sweet and adorable little old lady now, you just wait until see experiences the Mass Effect 3 ending. There will rage, there will be anger, and there will be a 65" flatscreen TV thrown out the window." - gillri
She probably only played it for the sex scenes anyway, to be fair

The Mass Effect Mega Drive and other crafty console paint jobs
"I was just told the other day that my 21-year-old Mega Drive is still alive and kicking, playing Streets of Rage 2 and Golden Axe with no issues at all. I've had seven 360's in six years, just goes to show that by keeping things simple devices can work for a long time" - Old Skool Gamer
Seven?! Are you jamming Mega Drive cartridges into them or something?

End of the line for THQ
"I would have thought somebody bigger than Koch Media would buy Volition. I realise I've just left that open for an easy 'Koch are big' type of reply but I'm too busy watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network to care." - El Mag
Glad to see you found something on the telly after all