Black Ops 2 DLC: Revolution map pack trailer

New battle arenas, Zombies map and multiplayer weapon incoming

Activision has launched a new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 trailer focusing on the upcoming Revolution DLC pack.


Set for release first on Xbox Live next Tuesday, January 29, the first Black Ops 2 DLC pack will feature four new multiplayer maps, a fresh Zombies game mode and map, plus a bonus multiplayer weapon in the form of the Peacekeeper SMG.

New Zombies mode Turned lets players take control of the undead for the first time as "a lone human player fights for survival and points against a field of zombie players".

The DLC will be priced at 1200 Microsoft Points (£10.28) and is expected to hit PS3 and PC about a month after its Xbox 360 release. There are some new snippets of gameplay footage in the latest video:

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