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Vita is Japan's most desired console, Famitsu survey suggests

Two thirds of respondents say they want Sony's next generation portable

PS Vita is the most desired console to buy in 2013, according to a new survey of core game enthusiasts in Japan.


The questionnaire, conducted and published by Famitsu, found that 64 per cent of respondents said they were looking to purchase a Vita in 2013. Just behind was Nintendo's rival handheld, 3DS, which was desired by 48 per cent of readers.

However, the methodology and finer details of the Famitsu survey are not known. Vita has one of the smallest installed bases in Japan, which may have skewed the results due to more respondents not owning the system yet.

Famitsu also tends to be read by core game enthusiasts. Three quarters of all respondents were male.

Sony chief executive Kaz Hirai recently said that Vita has sold on the "low end of what we expected".

The full list of most desirable consoles in Japan, according to Famitsu, can be found below:

  1. PS Vita - 64%
  2. 3DS - 48%
  3. Wii U - 34%
  4. PS3 - 25%
  5. PC - 14%
  6. Xbox 360 - 11%
  7. Smartphone - 10%
  8. PSP - 10%
  9. Wii - 9%
  10. iPad - 7%
  11. DSi / DSiXL - 5%
  12. iPhone - 5%
  13. iPod Touch - 4%
  14. Other - 2%