Comments of the Week: 'Relive those fantastic naked Uno nights'

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Disney Infinity starts at £60, expansions to cost £15
"£15 each is steep as hell, but I guess they are Disney characters. The idea behind the pricing is probably that generally parents would be willing to pay more for recognised characters like the Incredibles or Nemo than any of the Skylanders lot. Could you see "Stump Smash" or whatever hitting a £15 price tag on its own?" - Zabba 2
You say that, but we actually paid £15 for Stump Smash. Granted, it was a dodgy 'specialist' DVD rather than a Skylander, but it was hours of fun nonetheless

UK media regulator bans Wii U advert
"So adverts not allowed to mislead? Holy s*** i best put this can of Lynx down, don't think the neighbours would appreciate 100's of bikini clad supermodels beating my door down at this time of night" - Laughlyn
They probably just want to chastise you for your potty mouth

Obama: Violent video games should be researched carefully
"Dictator obama blaming video games wrong games are not the problem putting kids on Antidepressants drugs funding drug cartels and if they ban guns in the states it will end up like britain we need are guns back" - bigste26
We think you might be onto something, Barack mate

God of War: Ascension dev diary details multiplayer characters
"im a big god of war fan still play them all regular but this mp beta sucks bad its boring as hell to play button mashing filth i gave it ten mins and turned it off dreadful its a top one player game just leave it that way leave the mp to guys who have it licked with the best two mp games of all time mw3 and fifa13" - TheLastNinja
Modern Warfare 3 and FIFA 13? Best multiplayer games of all time? We think a little game by the name of Crazy Frog Racing would like to have a word with you

Staff stage sit-ins at HMV Ireland
"Good luck to everyone involved. On a side topic, people who work at places like HMV and especially CEX all have that poor student look don't they?" - Megatrons_Fury
Blimey, you give with one hand and take away with the other, don't you?

Microsoft announces F2P Poker game for Xbox and Windows 8
"I do like a bit of poker. Hopefully it'll be camera compatible so we all can try and relive those fantastic naked Uno nights." - Barry316
Yes. "Hopefully"

Dead Island's special edition cuts off head and arms, keeps breasts
"I have a collection of disembodied resin breasts and I'm glad that it's finally acceptable to admit this in public." - nathar
Well at least someone has benefited from this situation

Bond 64 nerd has won fancy dress
"No mister bond, I expect you to lol" - Bambis Dad