Valve win first Edge developer award

Valve 'absolutely honoured' to top the list

Valve, makers of Half-Life, Portal and PC distribution platform Steam, has been declared the winner in the first ever Edge developer awards.

Launched to coincide with Edge's 250th issue, the Edge developer awards were instigated to acknowledge the very best development talent in the world.

The Edge editorial team compiled a list of the best 50 development studios and then slowly whittled down that list to decide the winner, looking closely at technical and creative ability and then focussing on developers who had released the most involving, engaging and stimulating game worlds in recent years.


Edge's top five development studios

  1. Valve (Half Life/Portal)
  2. Mojang (Minecraft/Scrolls)
  3. Nintendo EAD (Mario/The Legend of Zelda)
  4. Platinum Games (Bayonetta/The Wonderful 101)
  5. Naughty Dog (The Last of Us/Uncharted)

Alex Whiltshire, editor of Edge said: "Since our launch in September 1993, Edge has reported on and celebrated the creative culture of videogames. The Edge Developer Awards look to build on this tradition by shining a light on the very best of the best."

"Valve is named our number one because it is driving the future like no other developer. It's in control of its destiny, it empowers its fans, and it's continually experimenting with new ways of selling games and ways to play with them. And all the while, the quality and ambition of its games are second to none."

Doug Lombardi, Director of Marketing at Valve, says: "Edge has long been a leader in industry news and is one of the world's most respected sources. As such, Valve is absolutely honoured to be named Edge's Developer of the Year."

Edge's celebratory 250th issue featuring all the top 50 development studios − is out today January 17th and you can get print copies here, iOS via Newsstand and on Android via Google Play and Zinio.

Your opinions on Edge's selections are invited in the comments below.