Born free: How Lightning Returns is breaking from Final Fantasy tradition

And why Assassin's Creed and Majora's Mask have inspired this intriguing sequel

We're not sure what we were expecting, but it definitely wasn't this. Lightning Returns breaks away from series tradition and brings some interesting new elements to the Final Fantasy formula. Fans may find the changes too much, but it's good to see Square Enix trying something different and addressing complaints about the increasing linearity of their flagship franchise.


There's a time limit

Like any good Final Fantasy hero, Lightning is on a quest to save the world. But there's a twist - she only has 13 days to do it. As you play the game, a counter is displayed on the HUD telling you how many days are remaining. Quests will use up a certain amount of time, so you'll have to decide whether it's worth taking the risk. This has definite hints of Nintendo's sublime Majora's Mask, although Square Enix tell us Lightning won't be able to manipulate time like Link.


It's a bit like Assassin's Creed

In our demo, Lightning is in the city of Luxerion tracking a mysterious cult. The architecture is reminiscent of Assassin's Creed 2's Renaissance Italy, but the similarities are more than visual. One quest sees her creeping through the streets tailing a group of cultists wearing white robes. In another she leaps between rooftops. Lightning Returns will apparently feature a lot of different gameplay types in its quests, so expect way more variety than the last two games.


There's only one playable character

It's long been Final Fantasy tradition to have a party of characters helping you in battle, but Lightning is on her own this time. Familiar faces will return, including Hope Estheim and Snow Villiers, but they'll be playing support roles only. Lightning Returns, as the title may suggest, is entirely about her, which is something of a first for the series. New characters will be introduced too, including a mysterious little girl who looks suspiciously like our protagonist.

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