Alien Breed remake confirmed for PS3, Vita

Original Amiga classic revived with online multiplayer

A remake of the original Alien Breed released on Amiga in 1991 will be revived for PS3 and Vita via a PlayStation Store release in "early February", developer Team17 has confirmed.


The remake will give players the option to play with enhanced visuals or the original 16-bit graphics of the Amiga version, while adding further enhancements in the form of online and local multiplayer for both versions.

The game will also support cross-platform multiplayer, allowing Vita and PS3 owners to co-operate with each other, and full compatibility with save files on either system letting owners of both consoles carry their Story mode progress over from one system to the other.

The game has previously been released as a PS Mobile title - which are playable on Vita - and via the iOS App Store. Team17 says news on an Android version is coming soon.