Gearbox turned down offer to develop Call of Duty game - report

Studio boss Randy Pitchford "saw no real challenge" in it

Borderlands developer Gearbox Software reportedly turned down an opportunity to develop a Call of Duty game.


In an interview with German site KGN, studio boss Randy Pitchford apparently revealed that the studio had been approached to develop a game in the dominant FPS series, but turned it down because he saw 'no real challenge' in taking the job.

During the interview, which the site stipulates took place "several months ago", Pitchford said that Gearbox only develops a game "when we can contribute to an existing brand something new - a kind of unique perspective and a new approach," (translations via Google Translate).

"But that was not the case here," he said.

Given the importance of the series to publisher Activision, and its continued dominance achieved by following a set formula each year, Pitchford went on to question the flexibility his studio would have been afforded when taking the reins of a new CoD game.

"You have to play by the rules of the series," he said. "You have to do what is expected of a Call of Duty. In this I see but no real challenge for us. It would [not] strengthen our reputation as a studio, it would not be really motivating for our team."