PS2 horror Siren bound for US PS Store next week

Gritty horror arrives as a PS2 Classic

Siren, a gritty survival horror game originally released on PS2, will be re-released via the US PlayStation Store next week.


The game will make its way to the 'PS2 Classics' section of the digital store on Tuesday, January 15.

Siren, known is Europe as Forbidden Siren, is a survival horror set in a small Japanese town surrounded by a sea of blood, trapped in a dark alternate reality after an occult ritual that went wrong.

The game is remembered for its unique 'sightjacking' feature, which let players see and hear from the perspective of the corpse people, or 'Shibito', by tuning into their frequencies like tuning in a TV to a weak broadcast with loud grainy interference.

There's no word on an EU PSN release.