Far Cry 3 guide: 10 things you didn't know you could do

Complete your tatau, discover Assassin's Creed 3 links, build a car bomb and more...

We've already given you our 10 essential tips for conquering the islands of Far Cry 3, but with such a large open world sandbox to play with there are always new things to discover. So, why not try some of this on for size: 10 things you may have missed out on while making your way through the insaniac tropical paradise.



Almost everything you do while progressing through Far Cry 3, from finishing missions to unlocking new skills, adds additional detail to the tatau (tattoo) adorning your arm. With the story concluded and all skill trees maxed most of it will have been filled in, and although there's no achievement/trophy for doing so completionists will want to finalise the tatau by adding the wings spanning the top of it.

To do this you need to collect all 120 of the relics spread across the islands, with each one adding a new dot to the bands running through the tatau. Once all 120 have been found, the wings will be filled in and you can rightfully claim to be the complete warrior.

A note of caution though - one particular relic (Spider 1) is located in the cave with the ship under Dr Earnhardt's house, which cannot be accessed once you unlock the second island. If you've already progressed beyond this point without collecting that relic then unfortunately you can't fully complete the tatau.

UPDATE - According to the notes for Far Cry 3 patch 1.03 the issue of this locked relic has now been resolved.



One of the achievements/trophies named 'Say Hi to the Internet' asks you to 'find the lost Hollywood star', but if you don't know the background to this it might seem like a strange task. By heading to coordinates X: 620 Y: 558, a beach northwest of the Broken Neck Home outpost, you'll find a couple of bodies hanging from a tree. Nearby the head of a buried captive is peeking out from the sand, which you interact with to unlock this award.

Although hard to tell in the game, the head belongs to actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse, best know for his roles in Superbad and Kick Ass. He's here because he featured in the 'Far Cry Experience' series of short videos released prior to the game, during which he finds himself buried up to his neck on a beach and tortured by Vaas.

Look closely at the area around you here and you'll also see that it's the location for the cover art of the game, though thankfully there's no Vaas around to greet you on this occasion.



Ubisoft developed both Far Cry 3 and Assassin's Creed 3, and there are a number of parallels between the two games. Both start with the same Alice in Wonderland quote, require you to climb towers to unlock areas of the map, reward you for silently taking out enemies and provide a variety of assassination methods.

This could all be passed off as coincidental of course, but players who received the pre-order bonus 'Lost Expeditions' missions will have seen much more obvious and undeniable links to AC3. During one of these missions Jason finds a folder with the Abstergo logo printed on it and says "That symbol looks familiar..." before exploring a laboratory network where the same marking repeatedly appears.

Towards the end of that mission you find a note referring to scientists who "speak of Pieces of Eden and Edison's electrical experiments into 'genetic memory'." This note also gives you an access code of 122112, matching up with the date of 12/21/12 (in US format) that signifies the world-ending apocalypse in Assassin's Creed 3.

*SPOILER WARNING* Another possible link can be found during the ending sequence in which Hoyt cuts off Jason's left ring finger, as this finger was originally removed from those in the Assassin's order to facilitate use of the hidden blade. Even after the mechanism was modified so this was no longer required, assassins still branded this finger to show their devotion to the Brotherhood. *END SPOILERS*

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