Black Ops 2 community abuse forces top player to reset stats

Xbox 360 player overwhelmed by DDoS attacks and personal harassment

One of the highest scoring Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 players in the US has decided to reset his stats following an onslaught of abuse from jealous players, reports suggest.


A player by the name of Retrominano, who is cited in the media as "the number one ranked Black Ops 2 player on the Xbox 360", has recently been unable to log in to his account following a surge of DDoS attacks from members of the community.

According to information published on Reddit, Retrominano had also been subjected to personal harassment when going online.

New images of his profile show that his score has been reset.

Microsoft's advice on DDOS attacks reads: "We recommend that you reset your Internet router and contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you know who initiated the DoS or DDoS attack, you may also want to submit a player review to Xbox Live and avoid the attacker in the future".

Yesterday, upcoming Black Ops 2 DLC was detailed in a since-pulled product listing on Amazon UK. Featuring four new multiplayer maps, plus a fresh Zombies level and weapon, the Revolution DLC is expected to hit Xbox 360 first on January 29.