TellTale Games: 'We always felt we could do a great Star Wars game'

Plus, CEO of Walking Dead studio talks season 2

TellTale Games has expressed interest in developing a game set in the Star Wars universe.


Speaking to Red Bull, studio co-founder Dan Connors said he feels TellTale, which was founded by former LucasArts employees following the cancellation of Sam & Max: Freelance Police, could create a story-driven game set in the Star Wars universe, and likes the idea of delving into the Halo and Half-Life fiction too.

"Coming from LucasArts we always felt we could do a great Star Wars story game," he said.

"We also love the idea of building out a deeper story to a great game franchise, something like Half-Life Stories or Halo Stories."

The Walking Dead, TellTale's latest point-and-click adventure game, has been widely praised for its effective use of the episodic game model, to its characters and player-choice driven narrative.

The five episode series has sold 8.5 million in total, and the studio is now turning its attention to the eagerly-anticipated second season.

A follow-up season is currently in the concept phase, with plans to carry forward save data from the first game.

"Right now we are just starting to form the concept for season two," Connors said.

"This all remains to be seen but we are definitely figuring out how to carry the saves over."

Connors went on to name-check some of the games and other media that influenced The Walking Dead: "I think the games that we talked about the most during development were Heavy Rain and Uncharted from a cinematic standpoint, and Mass Effect from a choice standpoint," he explains.

"For other media we always look at the best episodic series out there - obviously the Walking Dead TV show, but also Game of Thrones and Mad Men, for the way they handle characters and are able to present them with so much depth."

TellTale Games is also currently working with Warner Bros and DC Comics on an episodic game based on Bill Willingham's award-winning comic series Fables.